Berghuis about transfer from Feyenoord to Ajax: ‘Was good for both parties’

Steven Berghuis – Player of the Month of the Eredivisie – still feels that his transfer from Feyenoord to Ajax was the best for all parties involved. The team from Rotterdam was given more financial room, Ajax a quality boost and Berghuis saw a dream come true.

‘I had five great years there,’ Berghuis starts opposite ESPN about his time at Feyenoord. ‘I understand that they didn’t thank me for the step I took, but I enjoyed it and gave it my all. In terms of age, I spent my best years there. At some point it was just time for me to go. There was little budget and I got this opportunity.’

“I think it was good for both parties,” the technician continues. That’s football, right? It remains work. I am very happy with my choice and with Ajax. How I envisioned the step, the goals I wanted to achieve, all of that has come true so far. I played in the Champions League, became champion and went to the World Cup. That’s how I mapped it all out.’

Berghuis is now indispensable at Ajax and he is growing into a multifunctional player. Where does he come into his own best? ‘I think my very best place is attacking midfielder or free from the right, but with a right back who thunders over it with speed. That makes him the right winger and I am still the attacking midfielder.’

Collaboration with Kudus

In the current Ajax, Berghuis often plays together with Mohammed Kudus. The two are often within the lines at the same time, but it goes further than that. There is a real interaction between the two Ajax players. ‘The more unpredictable the game or the attack, the better it gets’, he starts about Kudus’ qualities. ‘The cooperation is going well, but there is still room for improvement. We can look at each other even more and create even more spaces for each other.’

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