Beomgyu and IN show the beautiful friendship between TXT and Stray Kids

Friendships within K-Pop always excite fans, the happiness of multistans is more reflected when two idols from different groups get together, such as Beomgyu from TXT and IN from STRAY KIDS.

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There is nothing better for fans of the K-Pop to see that their favorite groups come together not only to collaborate on some song or special stage in awards, but also to share friendships, tastes and other interactions that fans of different groups love.

There is not only one relationship of mutual respect and admiration between different idol groups And with their friends, many artists within the South Korean music industry show they share great moments together when their busy schedules allow it or when they meet at an event.

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The best is that STAY Y MOA now they discovered that between TXT Y STRAY KIDS There are beautiful friendships that we can admire, both boy bands of the fourth generation have taken on a lot of relevance in K-Pop, but there is no enmity between them.

Beomgyu Y Jeongin They show us how close they are with their selfies that enchanted the fans of Tomorrow X Together and SKZ, have you seen them together?

TXT’s Beomgyu and Stray Kids’ Jeongin have the cutest friendship

Through TXT’s official Twitter account, Beomgyu took it upon himself to share something that showed his friendship with Jeongin from STRAY KIDS, it’s about four selfies where we can see the most beautiful of their friendship, both idols look very cute spending time together.

IN and Beomgyu show us the beautiful friendship between TXT and STRAY KIDS | Twitter: @TXT_members

Awww! Both K-Pop artists posed for the camera, this was during the Golden Disc Awards ceremony, backstage the idols were able to share time together by being present at this event.

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Why are IN and Beomgyu friends?

It is well known that idols who were born in the same year, they tend to get along very well, IN by STRAY KIDS and Beomgyu by TXT are from 2001This is why they are part of the ’01 line in K-Pop and their common birth is what has brought many idols together.

IN and Beomgyu have a nice friendship | Twitter: @TXT_members

MOA and STAY can now be very happy that their idols spend time together and form the most beautiful friendships.

Speaking of friendships, STRAY KIDS ‘Bang Chan and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are also besties, and the idol sent SKZ’s leader a special gift.

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