Benzema “taken for a fool” in Qatar, according to Riolo: the France team reacts to the controversy

Did Karim Benzema prematurely leave the Blues rally before the World Cup? In any case, this is what he seems to think, according to the words of his adviser. Daniel Riolo made the same speech by saying that the striker was not respected by the staff. Faced with the controversy, the France team gave its point of view on this package.

According to Daniel Riolo, Benzema’s form is the source of the discord. “They are going to the World Cup and Benzema is a little injured. However, he explains that he knows his body perfectly and knows how to heal it. What he does a little on his side. (…) His requirement in the first days of the World Cup annoys some people a little”, he begins on RMC.

“We threw Benzema out”

The consultant goes on to say that the management of his injury was “very badly handled” at the Doha Medical Centre. “We asked him to force a little in training when he didn’t want to. Always in his reflection of ‘I know how to manage my body’. He forced more than he should have and he got injured again,” continued Riolo. After consulting a specialist, the journalist insists that Benzema could have resumed competition from the round of 16.

In addition, the person concerned had a very bad experience of his departure. “When they take Benzema out and the France team doctor says, ‘It’s okay, you’re injured, you’re leaving and we’re taking a plane for him at 6 a.m.… It’s weird the way you say to a guy you call back to the France team: ‘you’re leaving in the night’. He left, hence his silence in the weeks that followed; I have always recognized his indisputable sporting qualities without being his great defender. I want to be objective and objectively, we took him for an idiot, we threw him out”, concludes Riolo.


Benzema could have stayed longer at the base camp of the Blues to greet his teammates but that it was his choice to join Madrid so quickly

A close friend of the staff

Following these revelations, the France team contacted RMC to give their point of view. “On the side of the Blues, we explain that Benzema then decided to leave Qatar as soon as possible to return to Madrid and that his personal assistant, present in Doha, is struggling to find him a private plane. Problem: it turns out to be impossible because it is forbidden for private flights to fly over Iraq and/or Ukraine at night,” explains the Federation. This is how Benzema would have taken the first regular flight the next morning, a trip paid for by the FFF.

A close friend of the Blues remarks that Benzema “could have stayed longer at the base camp of the Blues to greet his teammates but that it was his choice to join Madrid so quickly.” The staff “still wasn’t going to wake up all the players at 5am to make a guard of honor for Benzema”.

The Blues regret that Benzema is presented as the victim

Regarding the theory that Benzema was forced to return to training, “the entourage of the France team assures that it is the former Lyonnais who decides himself to speed up his races the day he gets injured. ”. He also regrets “problems of communication with Real, which would not have shared any medical documents”. The Blues have no doubt that the diagnosis made by the French doctor was the right one.

Finally, the staff regrets “more generally that Benzema has been presented as “the victim” since the start of the controversy, unlike Deschamps, who would have suffered the events each time.”


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