Benjamin Hav dissolved Benal: I think Albert is bitter – but he is also family

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Everyone was talking about Benal.

They won awards and made hits. But then the rapping part of the duo went solo last year. Benjamin Hav released out of the blue his first solo album, and the week after another.

This year he has released another solo album, and now he is touring around as a solo artist with a seven-person big band he calls ‘The Family’.

But why does it all have to go so fast?

‘It’s a mixture of cocaine and red bull. There must be speed! ”Says Benjamin Hav with a twinkle in his eye to BT

Speed ​​on, one must say he has had.

In December 2019, he toured with Benal, which in addition to him consists of producer Magnus Albert Wanscher.

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In January 2020, Benjamin Hav then released two solo albums and announced on the last occasion that Benal no longer existed.

»I think Albert is bitter, but that’s okay too! You have to be like that. If he puts on some nice clothes, then he is welcome to come along one day, «jokes the rapper about the band he is now finally touring with after a long corona wait.

‘The family’ they call themselves.

“Albert is also family, so a step to the right or a step to the left, it does not matter so much, but something must happen,” Benjamin Hav explains about the replacement.

He does not refuse to make more music under the Benal name again.

But now it is the solo project – which the whole ‘family’ is involved in – that must be toured around.

“We’re out playing concerts now, and I can feel that it’s just great,” Benjamin Hav concludes with a smile.

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