Benjamin Gates: the heroine of the Disney + series is revealed in 2 videos

The universe of Benjamin Gates will derive with the series “National Treasure: Edge of History”. Jess Morales, the new heroine, reveals herself in a first teaser and a behind-the-scenes video that gives a glimpse of what the Disney+ program will be like

The world of Benjamin Gates

We have known for a long time, Nicholas Cage is able to play everything. One proof among others with Benjamin Gates, an archaeologist at the “Indiana Jones”. In 2004, Jon Turteltaub offered him a first adventure with Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure. An adventure film in which Gates searches for a legendary treasure. To find it, he must discover a first clue hidden in the Declaration of Independence. What complicates its mission since it is the best kept document in the world. He can nevertheless count on the help of his friend Riley Pooler (Justin Bartha) and the charming Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), but must also face the wealthy Ian Howe (Sean Bean).

Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure ©Disney

With more than 347 million dollars at the worldwide box office, the film produced by Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer was a great success. This allowed the trio to meet for a second adventure with Benjamin Gates and the Book of Secrets (2008). A film once again very well received, collecting over $457 million worldwide.

A new heroine for the series

For a long time fans have been hoping for a third movie. But this one never happened. Instead, Disney decided to revive this universe thanks to a series: National Treasure: Edge of History. No Nicolas Cage unfortunately for this program, but a brand new cast. Because this time, we will follow a heroine, Jess Morales, played by Lisette Alexis. This was revealed with a first teaser (in one article), which aired during San Diego Comic-Con. It’s hard to get an idea of ​​the series with this video. However, Disney+ has also uploaded behind the scenes video which contains more images, to discover below.

We can thus see Justin Bartha, who will be back in the role of Riley, but also Catherine Zeta-Jones who will play the villain of National Treasure: Edge of History. We also learn that American History will be approached in a slightly different way with the modernity of today’s world. Methods that should allow Jess to discover an ancient treasure thanks to the help of several friends.

The series will be available on Disney+ shortly.

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