Benjamin Castaldi ruined? The columnist of TPMP takes advantage of the notoriety of Cyril Hanouna to earn money

The atmosphere was there on Thursday, January 6, 2022 on the C8 plateau. Tradition obliges, the chroniclers had to lend themselves to the game of throwing the biggest files of their colleagues in “the pookie box”. An animation that Cyril Hanouna adores. During the game, the latter notably learned that Delphine Wespiser had experienced a “couple crisis” with Roger Erhart. But that’s not all. The host also discovered, thanks to Guillaume Genton, that Benjamin Castaldi was making money on his back. Indeed, Aurore Aleman’s companion assumed in front of the whole of France that he had stolen clothes belonging to his boss in order to put them on sale on Vinted.

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Lately, he also received a tidy sum by offering a jacket worn by Cyril Hanouna during the filming of a program of “Touche pas à mon poste”. According to Guillaume Genton, it was a “jacket that he took from your dressing room and that he wore two weeks ago”. Faced with his accusations, Simon Castaldi’s dad did not deny. “Yes, it’s true”, he admitted live before adding: “I had to, in fact, I wanted to test if you were really popular. And I sold it very quickly, it took two minutes ”. For his part, Guillaume Genton made it clear that Benjamin Castaldi had received nearly 200 euros for the sale of the garment. “This dastardly sewer rat made 185 euros.” Far from feeling embarrassed, the former presenter of “Secret Story” plans to continue his small business. “I have another one that I’m going to sell soon, which is very nice, a camouflage bomber jacket. I’ll put it at 300 bullets. “An idea that does not seem to delight Cyril Hanouna who reacted with violence by declaring” he steals my jackets and he resells them on Vinted this bastard “.

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