Benjamin Castaldi makes a big announcement in TPMP: This baby who will come and expand his family!

This Thursday, January 13, Cyril Hanouna took the lead of a new number of Touche not at my post on C8. At the start of the show, the host launched a new episode of the pookie box, supposed to reveal the chroniclers’ biggest secrets. The opportunity for Gilles Verdez to reveal that Benjamin Castaldi had been hiding a big family secret for a few weeks. The former presenter of Secret Story revealed that his eldest son, Julien was going to be a dad. “I’m going to be a grandpa!”, he swayed with emotion. “My new nickname is going to be ‘papi Castaldi’, it’s going to be great, it’s going to happen in July. We don’t know the sex yet but here it is. I’m very happy for them, they are very cute. I’m very happy, it moved me, I’m going to be a grandfather all the same “.

Great news for the 25-year-old father-to-be who lives a life away from the cameras. Present on the TPMP set a few months ago, Simon’s big brother had talked about his future projects with his fiancée, a certain Kiara, of Italian origin! He had confided that he wanted to marry his beloved very soon. “I am engaged and I would like to get married next year, God willing. I have an idyllic model of marriage: a woman for life. I found her, I am so in love and very happy”, he had confided to Cyril Hanouna. He took the opportunity to give details about his in-laws. “She is the daughter-in-law of important people, but in a different sector. She has family who work in a very well-known furniture store.”

A well-known brand with a strong presence in France!

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