Benjamin Castaldi knocks out Matthieu Delormeau: "He hosted Le Mag, the most outdated program of the PAF!"

Sasha Elbaz strikes again. Last week in Do not touch My TV, he had sown discord between Guillaume Genton and Gilles Verdez. This Friday, January 14, it is the turn of Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi to be in his sights. As you have known for a few days, Cyril Hanouna announced that Matthieu Delormeau was going to find a place as host and that he was going to present, again TPMP People.

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But Sasha Elbaz wanted to add fuel to the fire by calling Aurore Aleman’s husband to make him believe that his colleague was asking too much money to present the celebrity-centric program again. “I passed by the office of the general manager of H2o Productions, Lionel Stan and I got the info but you don’t repeat it. Delormeau is asking too much for the animation of TPMP People, and Lionel was thinking of you “. False information that heated Benji who began to qualify the ex-host of NRJ 12 as “Wish’s Brad Pitt”. “He has a career as long as my dick, to say the least, how short it is. who have no interest. He presented the Star Ac’ as sh*t. He was bad, he can’t read a teleprompter”.

Simon and Julien’s father subsequently contacted Lionel Stan to offer him his services by offering – 50% of his usual rates. Images that greatly amused the public but much less Matthieu Delormeau.

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