Bendová happily without herself: ADOPTED A GIRL!

Adoption also applies to animals, and the actress decided to help one of them Alice Bend. In addition to the four chihuahuas, another was added. Yes, Alice just couldn’t resist! It was obviously love at first sight.

What does actress Alice Bend’s house look like?

“My name is either Rózinka or Pepinka, my new family is still making decisions. I’m seven years old, I’m a chihuahua girl. I am very kind, gentle, smart, smart and grateful. And I’m already fifth in this new family of mine. They jump around me, caress me, feed me and already love. And they say they thank me for adopting such gold, “ the actress boasted a new partner on Instagram.

A female, for example, could not praise a female Tereza Brodská (54), which is also a great lover of dogs. “She’s divine !!!” quotes the actress website Some fans have jokingly nicknamed Alice “Chihuahua Mom”. At the same time, they paid homage to her for getting an older dog who needed help. Big thumbs up!

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