Ben Weyts responds to fuss after debate in Parliament: “Didn’t drink too much”

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Ben Weyts responded to the commotion that arose after, according to members of parliament, he was drunk during the discussion of the education budget just before the Christmas holidays in ‘The appointment’ on Wednesday evening. The N-VA minister of education says that he had “not drunk too much”.

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Presenter Bart Schols had invited Weyts for a talk about education. At the end of the item, he returns to the minister’s appearance during the plenary session of the Flemish Parliament on 14 December. “What was going on there?” Schols wants to know.

“You see a fragment of a debate late in the evening, more than a month ago now,” Weyts replies. “I misspoke and it seems like I’m speaking to myself, but that’s because I’m constantly being interrupted by someone whose microphone is turned off. When a journalist called me afterwards, I completely denied it, but I notice that people make an item of it anyway and then other media also follow up on this.”

When asked whether Weyts had drunk anything or nothing at all, Weyts replied: “But no, we had a long day. I had walked before and then I went to eat. Well, that doesn’t really matter at all.”

“But had you been drinking?” Schols insists.

“I can say that I had absolutely not had too much to drink.”

Schols: “Not too much, you say?”

“Please tell me, where the hell do you want to go?”, Weyts reacts annoyed. “I can see that people didn’t make an issue of it then, but they did a month later. For a politician, it is not the case that you enjoy the benefit of the doubt, big stories are then written.”

“I see that political and journalistic morals have shifted and boundaries are being shifted. I find that I have to get used to being a minister. When I decided to keep schools open during corona I was a child killer, and now this. Boundaries are being crossed, but I am not losing my combativeness,” concludes Weyts.

View Weyts’ entire intervention here

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