Ben Melzer’s management reacts to Jan Leyk’s accusation!

There is still trouble in the air between Jan Leyk (38) and Benjamin Melzer! because Jan Ben, who was biologically born a woman, dubbed “girlfriend” in July, the two bickered violently. The men were so angry with each other that they continued their argument in court. Therefore throws Jan to his former buddy about facing ruin because of him. Now Ben’s management is responding to the allegation!

Opposite to celebrity flash says Ben’s management: “If you put yourself in the position of Ben and his story, his actions are quite understandable.” There are limits and the former Berlin – Day & Night actor definitely exceeded them. “Jan’s behavior didn’t work at all! And now he’s bearing the consequences,” it is of the opinion. “We are absolutely in front of, next to and behind Ben”the model’s management supports its protégé.

In its Instagramstory, Jan explained that he was in big financial trouble because of Ben: “I’m exhausted mentally and physically […] With the case of Melzer versus Leyk, I will finally be brought to my knees.” The 38-year-old has already spent around 65,000 euros on the legal dispute. But he doesn’t want to let that get him down and firmly believes that he will “somehow master this challenge”.

Instagram / benjaminryanmelzer

Benjamin Melzer

Instagram / benjaminryanmelzer

Benjamin Melzer, influencer
Jan Leyk, TV star

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