Ben Affleck Reveals ‘Batman v Superman’ Experience That Destroyed Him

When Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman interpreter in ‘Batman vs Superman’, the star faced a wave of negative criticism.

All because many fans of the ‘demolisher‘ insisted that he ruined the character in the adaptation directed by Mark Steven Johnson (‘Ghost Rider’) in 2003.

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However, when Affleck was chosen as the Dark Knight, he had just released ‘Argo‘, Oscar-winning film Best movie e Best Adapted Screenplay in 2013.

Because of this, he revealed that he was extremely hurt by the public’s rejection and even doubted if he was even capable of being the Dark Knight.

while participating in the The Howard Stern Show (via Comic Book), the star said that:

“I was hurt, devastated [quando li tantas críticas]. I was less hurt than 10 years ago [na época de ‘Demolidor’]. But I was hurt because I felt useless, I thought, ‘What should I do to please the audience?’ Do you understand what I mean? Only those who go through it know how terrifying it is.”

Enjoy watching:

He continued:

“I thought it was an interesting idea. [fazer o Batman], but I learned that petitions had been made for me to be fired. And these things had like 100,000 signatures, didn’t people have anything better to do? But, ironically, that motivated me… And I made the movie because I wanted to make my kids happy, I wanted them to see it and be proud.”

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Recently, Affleck confirmed to The Herald Sun that ‘The Flash‘ will mark his last performance as the Batman.

Even so, he said the return was worth it, as the film has the best Batman scene he’s ever shot.

“I never said that, but maybe my favorite scenes as Batman are in ‘The Flash’. I particularly loved my performance in this film. I hope they keep the integrity of what we did because I thought it was great and really interesting, it was very different, but not in a positive way.”

Sadly, he admits he’s only found himself in character now that he’s saying goodbye to the role.

“It was so much fun, satisfying and encouraging to make this movie. There was a moment where I thought, ‘Wow – I think I’ve finally found myself as Batman. That experience was a really good send-off for the character.”

So, are you excited to see him again as the hero?

Debut scheduled for november 4th this year, ‘The Flash‘ promises an epic time-travel adventure as the hero decides to go back to the past in an attempt to stop his mother’s death.

And the plot will be marked by a huge emotional conflict, as revealed by the director Andy Muschietti during your participation in DC FanDome.

According to Comic Book, the filmmaker said that:

“As a superhero movie, ‘The Flash’ is a great action adventure, but what really drew me to the project was its emotional charge. The emotional conflict that Barry carries from his trip to the past was very convenient for me.”

He continued:

“There is a very strong message behind it. I love time travel plots and all the elements that go along with that idea, but the heart of the story is a boy looking for his mother, and that’s what attracted me, that’s what gave me that little emotional push.”

As fans already know, Nora Allen died mysteriously when Barry was just a child, and his father was accused of murder.

After years of trying to prove his father’s innocence, Barry sees a chance to right the tragedy by realizing he has the power to turn back time.

Check out the teaser:

Planned for November 04, 2022, the adaptation will show Barry Allen/Flash (Miller) traveling through time to stop his mother’s murder. However, when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive…. but the world is a nightmare. The Justice League never existed and Barry must do everything to correct all its flaws.

Be sure to watch:

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