Ben Affleck cries on Jennifer Lopez’s birthday

The honeymoon of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Paris it is becoming a kind of social soap format. As they take a step, the two newlyweds make the news and less than two weeks after the secret wedding a Las Vegas continue to hold the bank: first there were the kisses in the park, then the romantic walks among the Parisian monuments, the escapes to the Marais and more the cruise on the Seine with the paparazzi who immortalized the sleeping actor (and with his mouth open) on the deck of the bateau mouche. And while feminists around the world still argue over JLo’s choice to be called by her husband’s surname – patriarchal legacy or romantic twist? -, the images of Affleck in tears during the pop star’s birthday dinner.

A few days ago the actress and singer celebrated its 53 years old and after launching yet another line of body creams thanks to which she makes a few tens of millions of dollars a year, she brought her husband and four children who are with them on their honeymoon (Emme and Max, who Lopez had from Marc AnthonyViolet and Seraphina, born from the actor’s marriage to Jennifer Garner) for dinner at the restaurant The Girafe, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. The well informed TMZ reveals that during the celebrations Ben Affleck took the floor to wish her happy birthday then he burst into tears in front of everyone: in the images released by some American tabloids, Lopez is seen running to hug her husband, who shows red eyes and a face wet with tears. Of joy and emotion, of course, for the love found and lived in full after twenty years of long and patient waiting.


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