Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: Marriage Judge Bets Relationship Will Last

In a recent interview for the magazine’s website “people“, Ryan WolfeO Squire who led the marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopezbets that the marriage between the artists will last.

“The love they feel for each other is evident,” Ryan began in his account. “They definitely love and care for each other. I’ve promoted over 10,000 marriages and I’ve reached a point in my life where I understand couples, I’m sure what they have is for real,” added the judge.

Ryan later said, “It was emotional, it was an emotional moment shared by the two.”

“It was real and sincere for sure. After seeing them and witnessing the love they feel, I 100% believe it will be forever. They will make it. I think they found their soul mates. I truly believe they were made for each other.” “, concluded the Justice of the Peace.

JLo and Affleck’s wedding became public last week through a newsletter from the singer and actress to her fans, saying that the exchange of rings took place in Las Vegas. The artist also revealed her new married name: Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

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