Bella Ramsey almost turned down the role of Ellie in The Last of Us for an unexpected reason


The Last of Us is a hit on HBO Max, but it almost lost its lead. Why was Bella Ramsey about to turn down the role of Ellie?

Bella Ramsey
© GettyBella Ramsey

The Last of UsUndoubtedly, it exceeded the expectations of the fans. After its premiere, on January 15 in HBO Max, enchanted thousands of viewers around the world. Well, not only because it is one of the great bets of the platform, but also because it is based on the famous PlayStation video game.

Also, as if this were not enough, The Last of Us it is very close to what you see in the game, so that fascinated the followers of this story even more. In addition the performance of Pedro Pascal in the skin of Joel and that of Bella Ramsey playing Ellie was something much more striking. Well, both perfectly captured the essence of each character.

However, the reality is that before being able to convince the fans with its creation, the production had to convince the actors. This is because Bella Ramsey almost turned down the role of Ellie in The Last of Us and this he confessed even before the great release of this fiction.

Why Bella Ramsey Almost Turned Down Being Ellie In The Last of Us:

Bella Ramsey in recent times it has been characterized by its low profile and, without a doubt, the expectation around The Last of Us made the actress notice the fame that was coming. That is why she, before the premiere of the strip, she confessed before The Hollywood Reporter that this terrified her and was about to reject the role.

Apparently, from what she said, she was not sure she would accept the fame that was going to come her way and that is why she was not able to accept at first. However, she was later convinced and she ended up saying that she was, currently, one of the most sought after and intriguing actresses in the industry.

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