bell bottom third weekend box office: Bell Bottom Third Weekend Box Office Report | Shang Chi Has Good First Weekend | Fast and Furious 9 Has A Decent 4 Days Run

The band has played at the box office in the third weekend of Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Bell Bottom’! Generally, where the weekends see tremendous earnings in the films, ‘Bell Bottom’ has done a business of just Rs 1.75 crore from last Friday to Sunday. Although, it is true that the film is in its third week, but in spite of positive reviews and word of mouth, the daily average earning of the film has come down to Rs 30-40 lakhs in the second week itself. This earning is also being disturbed because in these three days Hollywood film ‘Shang Chi’ has done business of Rs 10 crore and ‘Fast and Furious 9’ has done business of about Rs 8 crore.

Will ‘Bell Bottom’ touch the 30 crore mark?
With the relaxation of the lockdown after the second wave of Corona, theaters have opened in many parts of the country except Maharashtra. After the theaters opened with 50 per cent seating capacity, the makers of ‘Bell Bottom’ took a bold step and decided to release the film in theatres. The film has earned around Rs 28 crore by the end of the third weekend. It is expected that the film will now reach the earning of at least 30 crores. If this happens, ‘Bell Bottom’ will be the first film to touch this figure after the release of ‘Baaghi 3’ in March 2020.

Two weeks vs third weekend, such increased earnings
‘Bell Bottom’ is getting tough competition from Hollywood films ‘Shang Chi’ and ‘Fast and Furious 9’ at the box office. ‘Bell Bottom’ also stars Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi along with Akshay Kumar. Released on August 19, the film earned Rs 18.72 crore in the first week and Rs 7.31 crore in the second week. While the film earned Rs 35 lakh on Friday, Rs 55 lakh on Saturday and Rs 90 lakh on Sunday. In this way, the film has earned a total of Rs 27.83 crore till its third weekend.

‘Shang Chi’ has made a strong debut
On the other hand, Marvel Studios’ ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’, which released on Friday, has earned Rs 10.75 crore in its first week. In the current era where only a few audiences are reaching the theatres, the film’s earnings have aroused enthusiasm. The film earned Rs 3 crore on Friday on the opening day. Earnings increased to Rs 3.5 crore on Saturday, while on Sunday the film did a business of Rs 4.25 crore.

This time the performance of F9 was less.
The earning pace of Hollywood film ‘Fast and Furious 9’, which released on Thursday at the box office, is also good. The film got an extended weekend of 4 days. The film has earned Rs 8 crore in the first four days. The film has attracted multiplex audiences in major cities especially Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. F9, which earned Rs 2 crore on Thursday on Opening Day, earned Rs 1.5 crore on Friday. The business on Saturday stood at Rs 1.75 crore, while on Sunday it earned Rs 2.75 crore. ‘Fast and Furious 9’ has got a tough competition from Marvel’s film ‘Shang Chi’.

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