Belinda was accused of being a scammer and compared to Simon Leviev, the Tinder Scammer


Belinda is one of the most impressive Mexican artists of recent times, but now a serious accusation is being made against her. Is he scamming her partners in the style of Simon Leviev?

Belinda was accused of fraud
© @belindapopBelinda was accused of fraud

With the premiere ofwelcome to eden in Netflix, Belinda has once again managed to capture massive attention worldwide. The singer and actress has been keeping a low profile lately, although her arrival in the Spanish series and her last separation complicated everything. Well, beyond the success of this strip, which will have a second season, the Mexican artist was involved in serious accusations.

In recent months much has been said about Belinda like Christian Nodal, who was a couple of the singer for three years and they were even engaged. It is that, their separation completely surprised the followers of both. Although, the biggest surprise came when they confirmed that their estrangement was not on good terms. So much so that, from that moment, the two were placed in the eye of the hurricane.

In any case, the one who caught the most attention was Belinda as She was accused of fraud by Christian Nodal himself. The also singer, a few days ago, shared a screenshot of a conversation with hers, now her ex, where it was seen how she asked him for money to fix her teeth. But, Nodal did not respond to the Netflix actress and she was furious. That is why he decided to make a clarification in the same publication.

When I got tired of giving it was all over”, Christian expressed thus confirming the rumors that money was the cause of their separation. And it was these words that led the Mexican artist to be accused of fraud and, in fact, to be compared to Simon Leviev, who became known after the Netflix documentary: The Tinder scammer. This is because, according to different rumors, this is not the first time that the singer ends a relationship based on the economy.

In 2017, after his separation from Criss Angel, it has been speculated that the cause of his breakup was a similar situation. In fact, before putting an end to her relationship, he publicly complained about having financed a video clip for her. “Love does not come with a price, honesty must always be there. That lesson cost me millions that enriched a true master of deception,” Criss snapped at the time.

Although, as if this were not enough, the journalist Ana María Alvarado assured that Ángel and Nodal were not the only victims of Belinda. As the professional confessed, she knows two businessmen who were partners of the artist and both went through similar situations. “We went to a dinner where two men who were with Belinda, two businessmen, talk to us about the same ‘modus operandi’. That’s why I think she acts the same way with all of her partners, ”were her exact words.

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