Belinda: the reason why Lupillo Rivera and the singer ended, according to Mayeli Alonso

Belinda is one of the most popular figures in Mexico, mainly because of his appearance in soap operas and songsin addition to their famous romances with characters like Christian Nodal, Chris Angel and Lupillo Rivera.

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Precisely about his union with the latter, little is known, since both have preferred to keep the details of their union and separation secret.

In fact, the little that is known is that the brother of Jenni Rivera got a tattoo in honor of Belindafollowing the line of the other ex-partners of the singer.

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Ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera revealed details of the relationship with Belinda. (Photo: Instagram)


Recently the actress and businesswoman Mayeli Alonsowho was the wife of the regional singer for more than 10 years, was encouraged to reveal details of her ex-partner’s relationship with “Beli”.

And it is that Mayeli is one of the competitors of the reality show “the house of celebrities 2“, program of Telemundo that is already causing people to talk with the occurrences and comments of their guests.

According to the businesswoman, the interpreter of “the ranchera” did not take the relationship with the “Welcome to Eden” actress seriously.

“What a show. She (Belinda) went to my house… even she cried for her. She finished the story because… that wey is a bastard, that wey was living the moment, ”slipped the woman, who was his wife between 2006 and 2019.

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One of the biggest controversies was the tattoo that the artist made in honor of his then partner, which was minimized by his ex-wife, assuring that it is not the first time he did it, because another woman’s name was recorded before.

“That wey tattoos everyone, after me, he was with one of my former best friends and he also tattooed her,” he shot.

That aroused the curiosity of the controversial Niurka Marcos, who wasted no time and asked if the businesswoman’s name was also on the singer’s skin, to which she would respond emphatically: “To me, in the soul.”

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