Belinda has an amazing art collection and these are her favorite Mexican artists


Belinda has an outstanding art collection in her residence and Mexican artists seem to be the singer’s weakness. Who are they?

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Spanish singer and actress Belinda has a strong bond with Mexico And he shows it at every opportunity that comes his way. She is recognized for her talent in the world of music as well as in other projects such as the series welcome to eden where she personifies the influencer Africa or different reality shows where she participated with great success.

In Mexico the story of the separation of Belinda with the singer Christian Nodal. The couple seemed to have a bond that was proof of everything, but unfortunately the love ended and various reprehensible events occurred in the North American country, such as the insult of a friend of Nodal against Belinda something that many criticized at the time when it went viral on networks.

Now Belinda opened the doors of his house to the program divine food of HBO where he made known his taste for art and especially with proper Mexican names that through their works helped to decorate the residence of this woman who seems to turn everything she touches into a success. Surely these artists are more than happy with the exhibition of her work in this unique opportunity.

Belinda and her taste for Mexican art

In his house Belinda It has sculptures by two renowned Mexican artists. The first of them is Jorge Marin, who became famous for his work on the aerodynamics of the human body. The work of this artist Belinda has in his house dates from 2013 and is titled Angel of Iztapalapa. It also has two sculptures of Raphael Colonel: Horizon Y The Moor.

Belinda is the owner of two paintings and a sculpture of the last active member of the rupture movement that emerged in Mexico in the 50’s. It’s about Arnold Coen and in this case the work of this man that stands out within the property of the Spanish singer is The Canvas of Zapata that hangs on a giant wall making this environment a real corner for lovers of this kind of work.

A fact that is not minor? Belinda when I was girlfriend of Christian Nodal gave him a work by the Mexican artist Gildo Medina, friend of actress welcome to eden, which is also recognized in the exclusive world of art for its collaborations with top-level brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo. Everything seems to indicate that Belinda She is an unconditional lover of artists originating in Mexico. How are you?

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