Belinda: Christian Nodal’s girlfriend’s $ 170 Moschino bikini

Belinda is a girl who has been characterized by publishing photographs in her social networks always being in fashion and with the latest trends, so it is not atypical that he has once again left many with their mouths open for his outfit.

On this occasion, the Mexican singer has uploaded a photograph of her lying on her back, with the sunset in the background and wearing a bikini inspired by “My litte pony”From the well-known Italian brand Moschino.

Several fans have shown interest in that two-piece bikini and the curiosity to know the price and the collection of the fashion house was born, so now we will present all the known details about it.

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The garments worn by the partner of the also singer, Christian Nodal, belong to a Moschino collection from several years ago, so it is difficult to buy them through the main channels.

According to the magazine It can be purchased through Ebay at a price of $ 170, which is equivalent to less than 4,000 Mexican pesos, but it is important to note that the purchase would be made with a third party.

In addition, the purchase is made abroad, so it is also necessary to take into account the shipping costs that this would represent.

The Mexican singer posted a photo with a Moschino bikini inspired by “My litle pony.” (Photo: Belinda / Instagram).


This is not the first time that the artist wears these clothes because in 2018 she was photographed wearing them, so she has saved it for a long time, giving to imagine that it is one of her favorite low-cut clothes.

In addition, in 2019 she also used it and we were able to find out thanks to an Instagram video that she herself uploaded dancing with her bikini on at night.

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