Belgians at the end of the world in Denmark

In Copenhagen, I have an appointment with great personalities who do all their trips by bike. At the head of the pack, the Verviétois Éric Thirion, grocer at the gates of the free commune of Christiania.

A psychologist who graduated from ULiège, Éric landed here at the beginning of the millennium, thanks to a love story. Having become a father, his children are 17 and 21 years old, he has known and shared a year’s parental leave and savors the pleasure of living in this egalitarian country. In 2011, he opened a store specializing in Belgian meats, cheeses and beverages, at the foot of the very touristy Church of Our Savior.

In the country of Carlsberg, the Danes enjoy our Trappist beers and other abbey beers that can be found on the good tables of the capital. Copenhagen is home to Noma and Geranium, rated the best restaurants in the world. To deliver them, Eric takes the bike paths that irrigate the city like so many blood vessels. A total of 350 km of tracks in clean sites, separated from the road and very safe. Here everything is flat: this terrain, inversely proportional to the civic sense of the Danes and unrivaled equipment, make Copenhagen the world capital of bicycles and Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world! We are far from punitive ecology, here it is a source of happiness, may it inspire the last day of COP27…

Not taking care of your body and the planet is not taking care of your soul, goes the Danish proverb. It is also the credo of the Arlonaise Delphine Poiré, performance coach and the Brussels resident Céline Martin, swimmer in frozen water. Every day, she goes swimming in Helsingor, on the edge of the Oresund Strait, facing Sweden. At the end of November, the water is still at 9º but by the end of the year, it will be flirting with 0º. These daily baths are, for Céline, a Renaissance. A tonic that helps him get out of his comfort zone and get a kick out of life. Like the Vikings, she knows that “Only dead fish go with the flow…!” »


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