Bela Gil tells how she proposed open marriage to her husband and reveals that she is sapiosexual

the presenter beautiful Gil34, revealed that he is a sapiosexual person 一 who is sexually attracted to intelligent people, not necessarily beautiful.

The revelation was made during his participation in the program. thousand one bullshitfrom YouTube, commanded by Thaila Ayalaand Julia Faria🇧🇷

“My self-esteem and this sense of beauty is very much related to intellect. I’m sapiosexual, I’m attracted to smart people, not necessarily pretty. So I don’t think I have to be hyper, ultra, mega-beautiful. So, like this… What am I going to put silicone for, you know? Let me read a book because it will work a lot more,” she explained.

In the chat, she also spoke about her open marriage with designer JP Demasi. The two have two children and have been together for 18 years.

“JP is that man, with that will, like that… You know? And then… It didn’t fit. ‘Dude, you really want (to have sex) and I don’t want anything. What are we going to do?’. I stayed (talking) but the pressure of not being the woman, the wife… I said (that if he wanted to, he could look for sex outside of marriage). But that’s what I always said (laughs). It wasn’t a question, but it was to defend myself. In this specific case it was to defend myself. Because it would be violence (for me to do it). For me (not having sex at that time, after puerperium). I thought that if he eased that urge away, he wouldn’t charge me. So, I would be ‘cool,’” he continued.

High libido in pregnancy

In the chat, Bela also said that her libido increased a lot during the pregnancy of her youngest son, Ninocurrently 7 years old (she also has Floweraged 14), and that she kept “climbing the walls” because of the desire to have sex.

“In the first pregnancy, sex ‘was more’ a pain. But the second one… I don’t know what happened. I climbed the walls,” she revealed.

Actress Thaila Ayala said that her libido also increased during Francisco’s 11-month pregnancy, as a result of the relationship with Renato Goes🇧🇷

“I was a mother of a boy. I was also on that team (of women who had high libido). I didn’t think I was cute. I think I look hot from the gym when I’m working out. I didn’t think I was cute. I thought the belly was beautiful because it was generating and such that being. But it was zero a place of cat, of power. On the contrary: I had depression during my pregnancy. But there was one thing that was crazy about testosterone. For me, I fucked all day. If my husband were available there… Obviously, without me making great efforts (laughs)”, she said.

The postpartum period was more complicated for Bela Gil and required rest:

“Flor’s (pregnancy) postpartum period was terrible because I underwent an episiotomy (surgical cut in the perineum, a set of muscles close to the vulva and anus). The healing was not good and it hurt me a lot. Sex was impossible. It was the thing that hurt me the most in my life. And I said: ‘No conditions. No conditions’. I didn’t want to, it hurt… And that was it. But… During Nino’s pregnancy, I didn’t have an episiotomy. I had him at home. But since I already had the cut, it tore. And then she gave a little point. Just with a little ointment. But good. It was quiet. Anyway…. It worked. But I waited well for the healing. Then I stayed for a while… I don’t remember how long. After a month I was already ok. After having Flor, I was unable to have sex for a year. Real. Then, with Nino, after a month…”, she added.

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