Bela Gil exposes intimate photo of brother-in-law in the bathroom

Through her profile on Instagram, the chef Bela Gil, daughter of singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil, shared a click of Rodrigo godoy, husband of Preta Gil, his sister, to congratulate the personal trainer on his birthday.

What was actually surprising is that the photo Bela posted shows the young man, naked, sitting on a toilet. According to the chef, the intimate photo became a figurine in the Whatsapp and is widely used by the family.

“Explaining the brother-in-law to wish congratulations. And for you to print the best sticker on Whatsapp. Run because at any time I can receive a DM and it disappears from here”, said Bela Gil in the text congratulating Rodrigo. A short time later, as she said, the post was deleted.

Recently, the singer Preta Gil ended up testing positive for covid-19 for the second time. In a video shared on social media, the artist comments that she is fine and reinforced the importance of vaccination so that, if the person catches the disease, they do not have serious symptoms.

“Loves, passing by to wish you a Happy New Year first, I wish 2022 to be lighter and that we can overcome all adversities with awareness, union and love! I tested positive for covid-19 for the second time, but I’m fine!”, said Preta Gil.

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