Bel-Air 2: the teaser of the new season of the series with Jabari Banks

In February, Peacock Bel-Air 2 will arrive on Peacock Bel-Air 2, the second season of the series with Jabari Banks of which the official teaser has been shared.

On February 23, 2023, it will arrive on Peacock Bel Air 2the second season of the comedy-inspired series with Will Smith that offers a more dramatic approach to the story of the young man who moves in with his uncles to try to escape his problems and have a chance for a better future.
In the video, the protagonist declares that no one makes decisions for him, giving away some short sequences of unpublished episodes.

The return of Bel-Air will show Will, played by Jabari Banks, grappling with important choices and a new arrival that will put him in difficulty, while a brotherly relationship seems to be establishing with Carlton.
Hilary will take over her world as an influencer, and Viv and Phil will balance their marriage and career, showing them busy pursuing what matters to them in their lives.

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Carla Banks Waddles serves as showrunner for Season 2 and the producing team includes Will Smith, Morgan Cooper, Anthony Sparks, Malcolm Spellman, Terence Carter, James Lassiter, Miguel Melendez, Benny Medina, Quincy Jones, Andy and Susan Borowitz, in collaboration with TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson serving as season 1 showrunners.

Here are some photos of the new episodes:

Bel Air Season 2 Uncle Phil Ashley Banks

Bel-Air: A shot of Uncle Phil and Ashley Banks in season 2

Nice Air Season 2 Jordan L Jones Jazz

Bel-Air: A picture from season 2

Bel Air Season 2 Jimmy Akingbola

Bel-Air: Jimmy Akingbola in season 2

Bel Air Season 2 Banks Family

Bel Air: Season 2

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