Beijing Express: Juju Fitcats and Tibo InShape present in the new season, we know more about their role

Beijing Express

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YouTube star couple Tibo InShape and Juju Fitcats will take part in the new season of Beijing Express. We know more about their role on the show.

Season 15 of Beijing Express is coming soon to M6 and for this occasion, the two YouTube stars Tibo InShape and Juju Fitcats will participate in the edition. Thierry Guillaume, the show’s producer, clarified the role that yououtubers will have in this season. You should already know that Thibaud and Justine will not be present on the screen but will be present elsewhere for anything else, as Stéphane Rotenberg specifies. “It was funny to confront them at a stage in Beijing. They played the game with talent but it was not easy. Usually they are masters of their world and there we had to accept our rules. will not see on the screen. “

Thibaud and Justin during the filming of Beijing Express – Credit (s): Instagram Juju Fitcats

Thierry Guillaume clarifies the role of the two YouTubers and declares: “Tibo InShape and Juju Fitcats came for a complementary social media program. They took part in a stage and tried to complete the same assignments as the candidates.” So it would seem that Juju Ficats and Tibo InShape have a completely new role in this new season and that they have also been able to fully participate in the Beijing Express events. Go on social networks to discover the star couple in the cult show of M6.

Beijing Express season 15, soon on M6

Although we do not yet know when this season will air, we imagine that it is still as anticipated as the previous ones. Stéphane Rotenberg is also very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​finding the candidates, this new season promising to be special. The candidates this year will go through four different countries, namely Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and then the United Arab Emirates before ending up in Dubai. The presenter states: “This route has been part of our dreams since season 3 or 4. It marked the history of Beijing Express. The country of departure is the high altitude, it’s a shock. I was eager to return to these countries where the nomads are in their majority culture. It’s extraordinary for the landscapes but also because there are fascinating peoples. ” See you on M6!

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