Beijing Express: a former candidate films against his will an actress turned homeless

Beijing Express

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Credits: Twitter @ MehdiPekin11

A former candidate of the Beijing Express program filmed an actress who became homeless in the street and the video goes around the Internet.

We can never say it enough, the glory is fleeting and some personalities pay the price. This is particularly the case of Mallaury Nataf which once again sank into precariousness. Last month, Paris here revealed that the former actress of Honey and bees and The Mysteries of Love had “plunged back into misery” because of the Covid-19 crisis: “The actress would have fallen very low again, as we would have seen in the streets of Paris in December, unrecognizable, appearing to be 20 years older. A few days before Christmas and the end of the year celebrations, see her outside , looking for a little heat on an air vent is heartbreaking “ then unveiled the weekly.

Even today, after the end of the year celebrations, Mallaury Nataf is in the street and this sad video that we suggest you find above confirms it. It was Mehdi, ex-candidate of Beijing Express, who found the former actress wandering in the 1st district of the capital. “Please friends I’m appealing because I really need you. If anyone can come talk to her, can come help me. I’ll take her off the street. It’s been three months. that I am looking for her now I have found her “ he said to his Twitter community while tagging Cyril Hanouna and the show TPMP.

A widely commented video of Mallaury Nataf

For their part, many Internet users reacted by discovering this video, some of them pointing to the way of Mehdi. Indeed, we discover Mallaury Nataf very aggressive and obviously not wishing to be filmed: “If it weren’t for the camera, it might not have been so aggressive … Humility goes hand in hand with an outstretched hand. Today we’re filming everything …”, “For this kind of case you need a lot of dialogue, diplomacy, time … Medhi’s approach is adorable but I think she feels attacked, by being challenged in this way, that is to say by filming her! The state must intervene, it’s shameful! “,” She doesn’t want to be filmed. It’s good to want to help her but be off-camera “ could we read in particular. Hopefully the 49-year-old actress quickly emerges from this hell she has been plunged into for too long.

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