Begin "sing with me now" and there is already expectation for the competition with "The Argentine Voice"

With the first of “ sing with me now“that premieres Marcelo Tinelli after the end of “The Hotel of the Famous“which goes to 9:15 p.m., the real battle for the rating begins between two big guys, “The Argentine Voice and Tinelli.

On Sunday they stayed up late editing everything in Don Torcuato, from the mini-opening (he was Paul Lescanoamong others), which in the original were 8 minutes, up to every detail of the set.

Start ' <a href=Sing with me now’, the new Marcelo Tinelli.” data-height=”420″ data-size=”w:3542,h:2000″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https:/ /” title=”‘Sing with me now’ begins, the new Marcelo Tinelli.” vspace=”5″>
Start “Sing with me now”, the new Marcelo Tinelli.

The 100 jurors received the driver dressed in a tuxedo, before the eyes of the owners of the format who saw how their international “bible” was being “tinellized”. There is a lot of investment there, to the point that it is the most expensive program on Argentine television after the rise in the dollar.

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