Before and after: Eliezer retouches BRL 15,000 facial harmonization

One of the most talked about topics about Eliezer during his stay on “BBB 22” was his transformation after a facial harmonization before entering the show. This Thursday (12), the specialist responsible for the procedure published the final result on the face of the ex-BBB.

Recently, Eliezer underwent some adjustments in its harmonization. On social media, the doctor posted the result of the before x after the ex-brother.

“There was so much talk about my facial harmonization when I was inside, I came to do the touch-up. I was in debt when I joined the program! Then I show you what she’s doing to make me decent”, joked Eliezer in Stories.

Eliezer joins a series of former BBBs who also underwent cosmetic procedures after leaving the reality show. Among them are: Slovenia, Lucas, Vyni, and several others.

+ Vyni surprises by putting contact lenses on her teeth.

Slovenia makes second stage of harmonization


Slovenia performed the second stage of facial harmonization 20 days after starting the procedure. According to JK Estética Avançada, the aesthetic clinic responsible for the process, the miss, who has an intense relationship with Lucas Bissoli outside the house, made changes to reduce dark circles and enhance the natural features of her face.

Slovenia has undergone a process known as Full Lace, which fills in the lips, cheekbones and chin area. In addition, she performed rhinomodeling, an alternative to nose surgery, with hyaluronic acid.

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