Become Belgian? For the CD&V, you will first have to pass a “nationality exam”!

The president of the Flemish Social Christians, Sammy Mahdi, had already suggested last summer that anyone applying for Belgian nationality must first prove that they have sufficient knowledge of our country, our language and our customs.

The party is now going a step further by tabling a bill making obtaining Belgian nationality conditional on passing a compulsory exam in one of the three national languages. This test, the precise content of which would be left to the communities, will have to assess whether the candidate has a sufficiently strong link with our country and whether he has a good knowledge of society.

According to CD&V MP Franky Demon, who initiated the bill, the Netherlands, France and Germany have introduced similar exams. “This test should not be a hammer to hit people with. But applicants will have to be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge about Belgium, such as knowing what the Atomium is, for example,” he explained.

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