Because of “Rocky 7”: Sylvester Stallone settles accounts with Hollywood legend

Sylvester Stallone thinks he should own the rights to the “Rocky” movies and lashes out at the producer responsible.

With the “Creed” films, “rockie”series has experienced a new upswing in recent years. It follows Apollo Creed’s son (Michael B. Jordon) who seeks out Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) as a trainer. “Creed III” should await us this year, but it will Sylvester Stallone not appear in the film as he proclaimed.

Actually, at Stallone’s request, a seventh “Rocky” film should come, on which the actor has already worked. However, producer turns Irwin Winkler, which has a permanent place in Hollywood, probably against it, which is why there was already some friction. He not only produced the “Rocky” franchise, but also “GoodFellas” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” among others. Stallone has been at odds with Winkler for several years, including over the rights to the franchise. The star has now shared a picture of the producer via Instagram, which shows him with a snake tongue:

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“A very flattering portrayal of the great ‘Rocky’/’Creed’ producer, Irwin Winkler, by one of the biggest artists in the country… Having controlled ‘Rocky’ and now ‘Creed’ for 47 years, I’d like a little bit of that.” have what is left of my rights before you just pass it on to your children – I think that would be a fair gesture from this 93 year old gentleman? It’s a painful subject, it’s eating up my soul because I wanted to leave some of ‘Rocky’ to my kids, but it’s always great to hear from the loyal fans.”

There is even more Rocky in our video:

Sylvester Stallone has been complaining for years

As early as 2019, the actor revealed himself in an interview with Variety complains that he doesn’t own the rights to the films. Of course he was paid for the films, but he’s annoyed that he didn’t insist on being involved early in his career. After all, Stallone is not only the star of the “Rocky” films, but also wrote the screenplays, directed and produced some of them. You can buy all the films in the franchise in one box on Amazon.

With “Rocky 7” falling apart because of Winkler, according to Sylvester Stallone, the star with the rights to the films could produce what will probably be his last appearance as Rocky Balboa himself. However, fans will probably have to settle for “Creed III” without Stallone, which is scheduled to start in the USA on November 23, 2022.

Sylvester Stallone is one of the big action stars. How well do you know the genre?

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