Because of EEZ exit: Sam Eisenstein is now going to court!

The paths of Sam Eisenstein (48) and the production company of Alles was geht definitely did not part for good. The actor had already indicated this when he announced: He has not left the series after 15 years at his own request. But the situation is apparently even more serious than previously known. Opposite to Promiflash the Marian Öztürk actor now revealed: He even took legal action!

He left this bomb in the Promiflash-Interview after the question why he really got out of AWZ. Sam declared: “I must emphasize that this matter has already taken a legal path. That means that the courts must now decide whether I was dealt with in a legally inadmissible manner.” Therefore, he is currently unable to reveal any more precise details about the reasons that ultimately led to his exit. The TV star was only allowed to say this much: “I did not want the exit and according to the documents I had, RTL did not want that either.”

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On this subject is allowed and wanted Sam Otherwise do not comment further. “But when the public court hearings take place, everyone is welcome to be there and hear what has happened in the last two years.”, suggested the 48-year-old instead.

Sam Eisenstein and Suri Abbassi on “Everything that counts”
Sam Eisenstein, actor

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Sam Eisenstein, actor
Sam Eisenstein on the set of "Everything that counts"

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Sam Eisenstein on the set of “Everything that counts”

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