Because of Corona in the hospital: Marie Reim is already better

Because of Corona in the hospital
Marie Reim is already feeling better

Marie Reim has been infected with the corona virus.

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Marie Reim ended up in the hospital due to a corona infection. Now the singer is back home and appeals to her fans.

Singer Marie Reim (22) is on the mend. The daughter of Michelle (50) and Matthias Reim (64) had to go to the hospital due to a corona infection. That she gave via Instagram known. “My lungs (as an asthmatic after Corona) are now so bad that I even ended up in the hospital,” said the 22-year-old about a photo that shows her in a hospital bed with a mask.

Now she reported on Sunday (July 24) in their Instagram stories with the fans. “I have good news, I’m back home,” she said.

Marie Reim appeals to her fans

Reim is not quite fit yet and is still taking it easy. Corona is “absolutely not to be trifled with,” said the singer. She never imagined it would be so bad. But her infection also had something good, “it was like a forced break”. The singer thought about important things. “Maybe that was a good thing in some ways.”

In the end, she also turned to the people who currently have Corona “or have had it and are still having some consequences – please take it easy”. The 22-year-old will also take it easy, “until everything is gone for me”. Reim wishes everyone who is still ill a speedy recovery. “Do what is best for your health.”


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