Because of cancer: Lennart Borchert now has a silicone testicle

Lennart Borchert gives very intimate insights! After the Daily GZSZ actor was diagnosed with testicular cancer two years ago, he underwent surgery. In this, his diseased testicles have been replaced by a silicone implant. The former “All or Nothing” actor made this public a few days ago. Revealed now lenartwhat it feels like to live with a silicone implant instead of the removed testicle!

In an interview with celebrity flash the 23-year-old remembers the decision he made after his diseased testicles had to be removed: “To be honest, at first I thought about not having a prosthesis fitted. But I’m glad I did it .” Because today he knows: “It doesn’t feel very different. I think it’s just a better feeling for me.”

On his Instagramchannel, Lennart revealed a few days ago why he went public with his illness: “I know a lot of people who unfortunately have to struggle through what I do.” Born in Berlin, he wants to give these people and their families strength that he himself has gained through his diagnosis.

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert in May 2018

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert in November 2022

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert, GZSZ actor

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