Because of a singer: Denis Teofikov’s producer left his wife with a baby in her arms

Because of a singer: Denis Teofikov’s producer left his wife with a baby in her arms

05 March 2023, 08:26

The producer of the tragically deceased Denis Teofikov – Nikolay Pashev, abandoned his wife with a child in her arms. He fell in love with the young folk singer Malkata, whose real name is Vanessa Stoyanova. The Chalgadzhi woman was the reason for the separation of Pashev and his partner, “Weekend” wrote.Venus gave the producer a child exactly a year ago, just a few months after Denis’s death. They were in a relationship for more than 10 years, but it ended because of his adventure with Malkata.At the moment, the abandoned woman takes care of their young heir alone, and the father also occasionally communicates with his one-year-old child. Venus did not give in to the folk woman who stole her man. It is not clear when the affair between the producer and the singer began, but it has been at least a year. While Venus was busy looking after their baby, her husband was cuddling with Vanessa, who has been divorced for 8 years. The 31-year-old singer has a son, Nicholas, who is 9.
The blonde got divorced at the beginning of her singing career, when she was still performing as Vanessa, and then rechristened herself Little. She failed to break through either with her own name or her pseudonym, although she has been wanting to create a hit for several years now. It is possible that the Pashev saga will help the career of his beloved.
3-4 years ago, Vanessa had a short sex affair with the MMA fighter Georgi Valentinov. Their relationship was not serious, only sexual. The folk diva is from Yambol and has an economic education. However, her main goal has always been to establish herself in singing. Vanessa’s breakthrough in show business is not at all easy. She received her first blow as a teenager, when Willy Kazasian brutally humiliated her on “Music Idol”, telling her that her voice was only used to dub children’s films. The little girl admits that to this day she has not forgiven the great Bulgarian jazz musician and is still severely offended by his words.





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