BeautyTok: these are the skincare products that are all the rage on TikTok and + tips for using them

Which are the beauty trends from the moment?! To answer this, the tip is to take a look at TikTok: anyone with a smartphone who minimally likes social networks knows that the social network of the moment, in addition to dancing and funny videos, has been a platform to get to know the beauty routine from different people and with that discover new skincare products.

Even if you’re not keeping an eye on the news and trends that are booming on TikTok, the purepeople did his homework and gathered in this article some of the main beauty products that are successful in the neighboring chain. See below where to find and discover the purpose of each one!

Gokujyun Makeup Remover Oil, Hada Labo – BRL 84.90
Aloe Vera Gel, LiveAloe – BRL 45.90
Facial Moisturizing Lotion, CeraVe – BRL 82.90
Fusion Water 5 Star Sunscreen, ISDIN – BRL 67.49
Moisturizing Cleansing Lotion, CeraVe – BRL 84.90
Squalane And Ascorbyl Face Oil, Océane – BRL 86.00

Gokujyun Makeup Remover Oil, Hada Labo


The first step to a quality skincare routine is to keep your skin clean. O cleansing oil is the product responsible for removing makeup and impurities from the face without damaging the skin’s natural barrier. That way, you guarantee that your skin will be clean in a gentle and smooth way.

O Gokujyun Cleansing Oil It has two types of hyaluronic acid and a combination of olive and jojoba oils. It’s indicated to all skin types. Find it on Amazon for R$ 84.90.

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