BEAUTY TEST: BaByliss cordless wave iron for mermaid hair

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On the test bench: The BaByliss Wireless Waver 9000.
Tested by: Awatef, 32 years old.


The BaByliss Cordless Waver 9000 is a high performance styler with three cylinders to achieve an ultra trendy wavy look.


Its revolutionary Micro Heating Matrix heating system is composed of heating elements, which unlike other stylers, perfectly fit the curved shape of each cylinder to offer precisely controlled temperatures for a perfect result.


All hair types.


– Wireless.
– Lightweight and very easy to handle.
– Temperature settings.
– Sleep mode and automatic deactivation for more security.
– Accessories supplied with the device (travel case, glove, protective mat, etc.)
– The clothe.



The Waver works like a waffle iron on the hair. These are three rollers and a clamp between which a wick is clamped. We then repeat the operation, descending little by little to the tips to print a waving movement, so as to create “mermaid waves”.


The influencer Caroline Receveur has made these “mermaid waves” her hair signature. In 2020, the entrepreneur had launched her own line of hair products, including a “Waver” styler (69.90 euros) which reproduces her emblematic “wafer” hair. Absolutely fan of this look, both casual and worked, I got the device that promised a wavy worthy of a surfer. Quite honestly, the result was more than up to my expectations. The brand’s bestseller clearly does the job.

Very quickly, the major brands of hair products took the fold, and in turn released their version of the waver. This is particularly the case with BaByliss, which launched the Wireless Waver 9000 this summer. A novelty that inevitably intrigued me… (spoiler: and frankly, conquered!).

After two years of practice, in other words, I have become an expert in waves. So I wanted to see what this new device had in the belly. First big plus: this styler is wireless. A three-hour charge allows for 40 minutes of use at maximum temperature. Frankly, I had never really understood the interest of this characteristic… But that was before using it. We gain significantly in maneuverability. An advantage that is increased tenfold thanks to the light weight of the Waver (compared to the product of the Osée brand). Which clearly helps to get the hang of it when you don’t master the operation.

One of the regular criticisms of Caroline Receveur’s signature styler is that it leaves a more pronounced and less natural mark at the root of the hair. With the BaByliss iron, the problem does not arise, because the upper edges of the device are less low!

Less sensitized hair

Additionally, the Cordless Three-Bar Waver features an ultra-smooth ceramic coating that helps hair stay silky and shiny. It also offers three temperature settings (160°C, 170°C and 180°C). Its other big advantage is its ability to guarantee uniform heat, without hot spots, throughout use. I also noticed that my hair was much less sensitized by this device, compared to the Osée waver, although at the same temperature!

In summary, the Wireless Waver 9000 is very likely to replace my Hosea device… It heats up in seconds, is easy to use and offers a defined and natural result. Despite my large hair mass, I achieve the look in less than 10 minutes. And above all, the effect is long-lasting. I can enjoy the waves for two to three days without any editing. (PS: for this, remember to adapt the temperature well to your hair type and to use a thermo-protective treatment before styling.)

The result on my hair is to discover below:

The Wireless Waver 9000 is available for 179.90 euros on or in the Vanden Borre, Krëfel and MediaMarkt stores.


Caroline Receveur launches “Osée”, a line of hair products

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