"Beautiful naked" : the former host of the program, William Carnimolla, balances a few hours before the great return of the program … without him!

Remember, in 2008, a brand new show landed on M6. “How to be beautiful naked”. The goal: to allow women in distress and body ailments to learn to love, assume and show themselves with confidence. A touching and avant-garde program, led by William Carnimolla, a caring, funny, professional and very sensitive former model.

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Quickly, the latter is appreciated by the candidates, as by the viewers, and becomes essential to the program. But after several years in Belle tout nue, this fashion enthusiast decides to say goodbye to M6, to devote himself to his fashion projects. Six years later, our colleagues from Télé Loisirs contacted the stylist to find out what he thought of the show’s comeback on the channel.

If he was contacted to be the coach of the big comeback? Not at all ! Worse than that, he didn’t even know: “I discovered it completely by chance because it’s been ten years since I no longer have TV. It was someone who tagged me on social networks talking about this return of Beautiful naked . “.

Passionate about his role as free-lance artistic director, or fashion director of Narcisse Magazine, in connection with the USA, William Carnimolla is delighted that the channel gives women the opportunity to accept themselves, and to coach Zak Kchaï, specialized in well-being, to develop his career: “I then exchanged messages with Zak Khchaï. He looks very nice. And frankly, I’m very happy that this program is coming back to air.”

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