Be careful, sex can trigger an asthma attack

If you are asthmatic, be careful during your antics. According to a study relayed by the Daily Mail, sexual relations can trigger asthma attacks in the same way as intense physical exertion.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the energy expenditure of sexual activity is roughly equivalent to climbing two flights of stairs,” says Dr. Ariel Leung, lead author of the study. But patients don’t always make the connection between the onset of a seizure and lovemaking, which explains As part of this study, the researchers analyzed the data published on PubMed in order to determine a link between sexual behavior and the appearance of certain reactions (asthma, allergy, etc.).

Appropriate support

The scientists explain that patients do not always feel confident enough with their doctor to discuss this possible reaction: “People may not be comfortable talking to their allergist about a asthma flare-up caused by sex. But allergists are specialists in the diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma. If anyone could guide a patient on how to avoid an asthma flare-up in the future, it would be their allergist,” said study co-author Dr. Aminian. The results of this study were presented in the United States at the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

60,000 hospitalizations and 1,000 deaths

However, for the researchers, freely discussing this subject would allow patients to be able to live their sex life serenely. To limit the risk as much as possible, the team therefore recommends that patients “take their beta-agonist inhaler short-acting 30 minutes before sex to prevent an asthma attack”. Before completing: “Some patients might think it takes away from the romance, but nothing is more romantic than taking care of yourself and not let your partner observe an asthma attack”.

Asthma is to be taken seriously, around four million French people suffer from this disease. Each year, asthma is responsible for 60,000 hospitalizations and nearly 1,000 deaths.

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