Be careful if you go on vacation this weekend: Ryanair flights canceled from Zaventem this Saturday

The company’s Belgian pilots will strike this weekend. The company has started to cancel scheduled flights from Zaventem.

The grumbling movement of the pilots joins that of the French pilots. The Belgian drivers will therefore be crossing their arms this Saturday and Sunday. For now, it is estimated that the movement will be joined by 50% of Ryanair pilots (which also uses independents who will not follow the Ed. movement).

This Thursday, the first Ryanair flights scheduled from Brussels airport were canceled. This is the case for the flight to Girona at 7 a.m., that to Palma de Mallorca at 11:35 a.m., that to Rome at 5:35 p.m. and that to Dublin at 6:25 p.m. Other flights of the company in Brussels remain maintained, because they are in particular rotational flights, which arrive from another European base of the company and then leave.

“We are not going to wait 5 years”

The unions will be particularly attentive because they fear that Ryanair will use pilots from its other European bases to replace the striking pilots. The cabin crew will then be asked to leave the aircraft if they notice such a breach of the right to strike.

This Thursday, Ryanair announced that it had reached an agreement with its French and Spanish pilots. According to the company, these have agreed to gradually return to their pre-covid salary and benefits, over a period of 5 years until March 2027. “This year, the airline will reach 115% of its pre-Covid capacity. and prioritizes the rapid restoration of salaries to its staff through these renegotiated agreements,” it said in a statement.

Belgian pilots are also protesting against the pay cut they have been subjected to since the covid crisis. They demand the immediate return to their salary before the health crisis. “And this, while they are flying more than before the crisis”, underlines Didier Lebbe, for CNE Aviation. No question for the unions to wait 5 years to recover their rights.

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