BBC presenter Deborah James with cancer: "Maybe I’ll drink cocktails until I’m gone"

The doctors can no longer do anything for Deborah James. The BBC presenter, who is suffering from cancer, still wants to enjoy her life to the end, as she proves with her recent posts on Instagram.

Deborah James, 40, has terminal colon cancer and shares her fate with the world. The BBC presenter’s Instagram account reveals the unvarnished truth. Millions of people can watch as the mother of two prepares for her death but still wants to live her life to her last breath.

Deborah James wants to enjoy life without compromise

Because: Deborah James has come to terms with the fact that she lost the fight against cancer. But she also says: “I can’t spend my last days crying, that would be such a waste.” So the Brit uses the last few moments she has left to toast to life.

She proves that with one of her last Instagram stories. On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, she revealed her “Sundowner of the Day”: “Sex in the Beach! Maybe I’ll just drink all sorts of cocktails until I’m gone.” The terminally ill presenter wants to make her last moments a little easier and live without compromise.

BBC presenter beams at Royal Ascot

Just a few days ago, she showed up at the famous Ascot racecourse with a big smile. She was particularly proud of her great new shoes. “Finally they are the right size for my brutally swollen feet,” she recently commented on Instagram.

Deborah James: She doesn’t lose her zest for life

The presenter had made no secret of how much effort it was for her to go out on social media. “But it’s all worth it,” she wrote. “It’s a bit like I’m still living while I’m dying.” Deborah James was discharged from the hospital a month ago. There is no longer any hope of healing.

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