BBC, Lineker effect: empty studios and programs “behind closed doors”. Commentators boycott the network for the exclusion of the former footballer

The farewell of Gary Lineker at the BBC led to a domino effect among reporters at the British TV network. In recent days there has been much talk of the story involving the sports commentator and the TV of the Kingdom which did not tolerate the tweets of the former England player on migration policy announced by the Conservative government of Rishi Sunak. Lineker had, among other things, compared the British government’s proposal to move illegal immigrants into Rwanda to the politics of Nazi Germany from the 1930s. After Lineker’s suspension from the program Match of the Day, many prominent personalities have shown their closeness to the person concerned by boycotting the broadcasts and not showing up in the studio. Even the Premier League has informed players and coaches that they may not give interviews on public broadcasting.

From Ian Wright to Alan Shearerfrom Alex Scott until Micah Richards And Jermaine Jenas. There are many sports commentators who have not accepted the decision of the BBC and protested that the Lineker issue be resolved, with the ex-footballer being reinstated in his position as opinion makers officer of BBC. Other ex-journalists program hosts BBCamong which Jon Sopel And Piers Morganthey defined the story “silly“.

On Saturday 11 March, many of the British broadcaster’s football programs were replaced by telesales And podcasts. Now Lineker, who has received great social affection from the whole community, will have to decide whether to step back, apologize and return to television or continue his career as a solo commentator, like many other ex-footballers, who have become influencers without the help of television networks.

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