‘BBB22’: Lexa comments on participation and Boninho comments on list of participants

Lexa spoke about her alleged participation in the 22nd season of “Big Brother Brasil” after her name appeared on a leaked list that exposes nine possible candidates to compete for the R$1.5 million prize. On her Twitter account, the singer denied that he is in the cast of the reality show.

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Lexa explained that he already has appointments scheduled for the beginning of next year. “Love, you know I love BBB, but as a viewer! I already have a carnival schedule, scheduled shows, trio, I’m Tijuca’s Queen of drums, campaigns… Thank you for your affection. I love to sing there, I’ve even done it. I’ll keep watching and commenting on everything,” said the artist.

Boninho mocks leaked list of ‘BBB 22’ participants

The list of alleged names for the box caught the attention of Boninho, the program’s director, who responded with irony on the matter.

“Look at the problem they’ve given me. I’ve already taken exams with Lexa, Di Ferrero, MC Carol, Ellen Roche, Rodrigo Simas, Aline Riscado, Negra Li, Jonathan Azevedo and Ícaro Silva to do the ‘BBB 22’, and then they published that they are going to appear,” he started in Stories on Instagram.

“I spent a lot of money for nothing, because this leaked and I’ll have to change everything. At least they’re all healthy, that’s what the hospital said, or someone invented. In a little while, they’ll say I’m going to be at Big Brother Brasil. say, I will, but working,” he mocked.

Reality news released so far

“BBB 22” has its premiere date: January 17th. The edition will maintain the division between famous and anonymous in the groups “popcorn” and “carote”. In addition, Thaddeus Schmidt takes the chair of the attraction’s presenter.

Before the leader’s party, participants will be able to purchase additional items with their stakes to boost the celebration even more.

The public will enjoy the leader’s cinema in a different way: it will be possible to watch the same content as the brothers in the program, but in their own home. The film shown for the inmates will be shown at the “leader’s cinema session” on Tuesday nights.

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