‘BBB22’: influencer with 13 million followers is confirmed on the reality show. Know who!

Jade Picon will be not “BBB 22”. Former girlfriend of João Guilherme, with whom he ended his 3-year relationship in August 2021, is taken for granted in the box on the reality show by the entertainment blog “Cereja Negra”.

According to the publication, Jade would already be confined to the program, which has its debut confirmed on January 17th. For this reason, the influencer, with more than 13 million followers only on Instagram, it would already be publishing previously recorded content on its social network.

The blog also guaranteed, as well as columnist Léo Dias, that Brunna Gonçalves, dancer and wife of Ludmilla, will also be one of the famous participants in the program.

João Guilherme declined an invitation to participate in ‘BBB22’

It is not known if Jade Picon was invited only later, but the fact is that the influencer’s ex, João Guilherme, was also on the list of Boninho, director of “BBB 22”. Leonardo’s son, however, decided not to participate in the program, but did not rule out, at another time, entering a reality show.

“I think it’s a ‘millstone’ reality breeze like that because you can see who the person is there, you can see it, get along with it. And I’m good at getting along with it, in the first place. I want to go, but it’s all very delicate,” he explained the artist, who kissed Mariana Rios this weekend.

And he stressed that he refused to participate only at this moment, but that he may change his mind soon: “I think that, nowadays, no, with the life I have, with the jobs I have, with everything I’ve built , but know that I feel like it, keep inviting me, because one day I will”.

New ‘BBB 22’ decor divides opinions

“Big Brother Brasil 22” hasn’t even debuted yet, but it’s already causing controversy on the web. All that was needed was the program’s production to spoil the decoration of the new house for internet users to start speculating on the matter.

According to a statement released by TV Globo, the house will have “many colors. Neons scattered (…), very checkered, in the best grunge style. The bed linen, which matches the rug, which matches the curtain” . Also according to the channel, the idea is to make the participants (and the public!) travel back in time and rescue the post-BBB world. “All that shone in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s are key pieces in the new season”, concludes the text.

Netizens began to imagine what the brothers’ new home would look like, and many did not approve. “It hurts your eyes. Can you imagine watching it on TV?”, opined a viewer. “This is to make them very stressed, strategy”, said another follower of the program.

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