‘BBB 23’ with Paulo Vieira? Comedian admits doubt about returning to the show in a new season

The “BBB 23” has already announced some changes in relation to the 2022 season, such as the increase in the value of the prize, which became R$ 2 million, and the production of a documentary for Globoplay about the big winner. But the names of the comedians who worked on the program, such as Paulo Vieira and Dani Calabresa, for example, have not yet been confirmed.

“I don’t know if Boninho will call me again. I believe so, it seems to me that they were happy. It was a success in terms of audience and publicity. It generated many debates on the internet”, evaluated Paulo Viera in a conversation with the Splash portal.

Vieira, who came to be involved in a controversy with Calabresa because of the closing party of the program, presented weekly the “Big Therapy”, in which he talked with the eliminated of the week. He celebrated the success of the project, first implemented in 2022.

“I’m very happy. The ‘BBB’ was a very good opportunity for my career to grow. I am very grateful”, guaranteed the comedian, who received an answer from Rafa Kalimann after the confusion involving the program’s party.

‘BBB 23’: Paulo Vieira explains proposal for a reality therapy framework

Still in the publication, Paulo explained that the idea would always make people laugh, but also generate public reflection. “What I want is, first, to be funny to make someone laugh. In today’s Brazil, a laugh is almost a miracle that happens. And also to propose something. Preferably, put your finger on the wound”, he said.

“When I talk about society, I am inserted in that society, it is self-critical too. My humor has the obligation to be purposeful”, he highlighted.

With the distance in relation to the program, there is still no forecast for TV Globo or even Boninho to announce the renewal of Vieira and Dani Calabresa in their respective roles. It is worth remembering that Raphael Portugal, predecessor of Calabresa, took over the “CAT” for only two years.

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