‘BBB 23’: who gained the most followers on the show? See list with ranking between famous and anonymous

The ‘BBB 23’ started a few days ago but the participants have already conquered a large part of the reality show’s audience, as both hated and loved. Following the tradition that began in the 2020 edition, a survey carried out by Spark showed that famous and anonymous players have achieved together over 3,473,293 followers since the announcement of the official list.

In the Camarote team, fred, from ‘Desimpedidos’, was the participant who won the most crowds so far, reaching almost 10 million followers. When he entered the TV Globo program, the winner of the Prova de Resistência along with Ricardo had more than 9 million.

Popcorn that gained the most followers on ‘BBB 23’

Among the Popcorns, Paula Freitas, chosen to leave Casa de Vidro and enter the game, is about to gain 600,000 followers. But who really stole the show was Bruno Nogueiragaining prominence in the list of participants who received the most supporters, with 133 thousand, a increase of more than 6500% In a few days.

gustavo, the affair of volleyball player Key Alves, is also a strong name on the networks. The ‘agroboy’ has so far 825 thousand followers. However, despite the large number achieved, the participant Marília went to first Popcorn to reach the 1 million mark on his profile, which already had 700,000 before the program.

Check each participant’s follower ranking so far

Team Popcorn:

Marilia – 1 million followers

gustavo – 825 thousand

Larissa – 620 thousand

Paula – 568 thousand

Gabriel Fop – 519 thousand

Cezar – 179 thousand

Amanda – 164 thousand

Ricardo – 158 thousand

bruno – 133 thousand

Tina – 130 thousand

Sarah – 137 thousand

Christian – 76.4 thousand

Camarote Team:

fred – 9.9 million followers

MC guime – 8.5 million

Key Alves – 7.5 million

Bruna Griphao – 3.4 million

Gabriel Santana – 2.7 million

Aline – 1 million

Marvvilla – 825 thousand

Fred Nicacio – 494 thousand

Antonio Face of Shoes – 305 thousand

Domitila – 303 thousand

* article published on 01/20

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