‘BBB 23’: UOL poll points to surprising result in Paredão after Quarto Secreto. Find out who leaves!

After the formation of an unprecedented Paredão, Fred Nicacio and Marilia were eliminated from “BBB 23”. With 69.26% of the votesthe two went to the secret room and must go through a new vote, where only one player will return to dispute the biggest prize in the history of the program. Despite having exchanged unusual gifts, the duo Key Alves and Gustavo got only 30.74%.

According to the UOL pollshortly after the second poll was opened, internet users have already chosen which participant will be eliminated for good, but the result may be surprising, due to the very close percentages.

So far, Marília has 54.79% chance of leavingwhile Fred Nicácio, who led some disagreements in the game and promised to cause even more, has 45.21%.

It is worth remembering that the name of the first eliminated from the reality show will be known live on Thursday (26), under the command of Tadeu Schmidt. The other players still don’t know about the unprecedented dynamic and will be surprised with the return of Marília or Fred.

Eliminated duo, Marília and Fred Nicácio react to the ‘BBB 23’ Secret Room

With the result revealed by Tadeu Schmidt, the duo Marília and Fred Nicácio said goodbye to their confinement colleagues and headed towards the same door where they entered the game. Moments later, the two were surprised to come across the secret room of the “BBB 23”.

While Marília believed she was on a False Wall, the doctor tried to convince her colleague that the two were really out of the game. The show’s presenter then explained the dynamics to the walled-in people.

“This is not a traditional False Wall. One of you will definitely leave soon, the other will return to BBB 23. You entered the house together, went through so many things together, now you are direct opponents”, said Tadeu Schmidt

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