‘BBB 23’: season will give the winner an extra prize that was turned down by Arthur Aguiar. Understand!

THE “BBB 23“, in addition to increasing the value of the prize to R$ 2 million and offering a car to the big winner, it will still give the champion an opportunity that was offered to Arthur Aguiar – but would have been refused by the actor. The idea is to make a documentary on Globoplay, as happened with Juliette, telling the life story of the brother/sister who finishes the game first.

According to information from columnist André Romano, from “Observatório da TV”, Arthur Aguiar was unable to reach an agreement with TV Globo for the documentary itself to be recorded. It is worth remembering that the actor would have already earned more than R$ 7 million after the program.

The idea for the documentary even extended into the 2021 season, as Gil do Vigor, who became a TV Globo employee and is now in the cast of “Dança dos Famosos”, also won his own doc. As a researcher, the project focused on Gil’s doctorate, who went to live in California for a short period before deciding to take the course.

‘BBB 23’: participant cache increases in value in new season

In addition to the “extra” awards, it is known that the broadcaster has also increased the fee for future participants of the reality show, who must remain in the line of boxes and popcorn. Despite the distance from fame, however, the value offered to the famous and the anonymous will be the same, as it happened in the other two seasons.

Previously, the fee for those who agreed to participate in the program was R$20,000. Now, the value has risen to R$ 33 thousand. In comparative terms, the former BBBs who agreed to participate in “No Limite”, which resurfaced in the schedule in 2021, won R$ 15 thousand. The anonymous of the current season would have received only R$ 3 thousand.

‘BBB 23’: Wanessa Camargo received invitations to the program before separating

There is still no list of celebrities listed for the reality show, but, because of the recent separation of singer Wanessa Camargo, the information that the artist would have been invited to participate on other occasions ended up causing commotion on social networks, especially because Wanessa only would have refused to preserve the marriage. Now, there is still no information about the possibility of the invitation being made again.

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