‘BBB 23’: physician and influencer, Fred Nicácio claims to have ‘the soul of an artist’. ‘Patient like a volcano’

THE doctor, presenter and physiotherapist Fred Nicácio, aged 35, was another celebrity confirmed by TV Globo for “BBB 23”, which premieres this Monday (16) – check out the complete list of participants here. Born in Campos dos Goytacazes, in Rio de Janeiro, last year he led the Netflix reality show “Queer Eye Brasil”.

The brother classifies himself as a person with an “explosion of positive energy”, sensitive, strategic and reliable. Besides being loving and welcoming. Despite this, Fred, who has been married for 3 years to surgeon Fabio Gelonese, considers that he doesn’t like to be made a fool of. “I’m patient like a volcano, waiting for the right time to erupt.”

“I’m too spacious and sometimes it bothers me too much, but I’m not going to diminish myself”, he adds. Just like Professor Larissa, the doctor is a fan of parties, and joins “BBB23” – a reality that gains a new dynamic this season – with a purpose: “I want to change the collective imagination about what it is to be a doctor in Brazil”.

‘BBB 23’: Fred Nicácio lived in CIEP and revolts with injustice

Fellow in confinement with fighter Cara de Sapato and son of a military father, Fred remembers having been a sensitive child. Currently living in Bauru (SP) and having lived in a CIEP, he reflects on upbringing in a sexist and religious environment. “It was a troubled period, but I survived”, points out the doctor, who claims to have an artist’s soul.

The doctor also says that injustice takes him seriously, but he rarely has outbursts of anger, preferring to turn this negative feeling into something positive.

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