‘BBB 23’: MC Guimê speaks for the first time about elimination after harassment accusation: ‘Very upset’

MC Guimê was eliminated from “BBB 23”, along with Cara de Sapato, after a series of behaviors with Dania Mendez, a Mexican chosen to do an exchange program in reality. With the repercussions on social networks, Internet users were waiting for a statement from the rapper.

This Friday (17)Guimê appeared in Stories and spoke for the first time on the subject. Just like your team’s statement, the rapper took the mistake and said he will still think more about the topic.

Good afternoon Brazil, good afternoon Instagram. I’m here to say yes, I’m going to comment until the end of the day. I’m very sad about everything that happened since Wednesday, at the BBB 23 party, I’m heartbroken. I’m processing everything that happened, there’s a lot of information, I’m very upset at the moment, and I’m going to speak officially, you can see my words and I’m telling you about it. I will recognize my faults, I have a humble and open heart to recognize my mistakes when I need to and I know I made a mistake.

MC Guimê denies that he fought with the production of ‘BBB 23’

Still in the continuation of the video, MC Guimê dismissed the recent news. According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from “Em OFF”, the singer would have fought with the program’s production when he was eliminated from reality. The artist had been standing out in the game in recent weeks, but his behavior at the party was unforgivable for the public.

“These notes that are coming out about me having been angry with the production, having cursed the cast, is a lie (sic) of the worst. The direction knows the affection and respect I have for all of them, the production… You could accompany me two months in the most watched house in Brazil and they got to know a little more about Guilherme Dantas, the heart of MC Guimê, the way I really am, because there’s no way to create a character there. It’s a real life game. I’m grateful for everything I lived there, even the bad times. I know the trajectory I built there and I am aware of the mistakes I made at the party”, he concluded.

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