‘BBB 23′: Gustavo’s spontaneous reaction to Key Alves’ statement about OnlyFans steals the show

Key Alves spoke for the first time since entering the “BBB 23” about your profile on OnlyFans. In conversation with ex-Casa de Vidro Gabriel and Gustavo, with whom she entered the reality show tied up, thanks to a popular vote that separated all participants into pairs, the athlete explained the reason for having so many followers on Instagram, which gave her the title of most followed volleyball player in the world.

“I got on Instagram and what I thought: ‘I have a very strong male audience, volleyball players and such. You know what I did? I joined the OnlyFans platform. Success”, he guaranteed. “I’m just about to enter”, assumed Gabriel, who has already been involved with Anitta and Luisa Sonza. “Ah, I don’t have the courage”, opined Agroboy. Gabriel then said that he doesn’t have one either. “Look here for me, do it,” Key encouraged.

Key Alves reveals biggest request on OnlyFans

After talking with the boys, Key Alves went to the pool, but the subject remained the same, this time with Marília and her partner, Fred Nicácio. “I sell pictures of feet, horrors. Look at that very expensive foot, love”, delivered the player. “From your foot?”, questioned the makeup artist, astonished. “I’m going to sell mine!” she said, letting out a laugh. “Friend, it’s frilly”, warned Key.

On the athlete’s side, Gustavo listened to everything in silence and, at the end of the conversation, had an unexpected and quite spontaneous reaction: “To do macumba, you can only do it”, shot the agroboy. Watch videos of the conversations below. among the brothers!

In an interview with Universa, from “Uol”, Key revealed, in 2022, that he earned about R$ 100 thousand per month with OnlyFans. And he fired: “If I earned well and was valued, I would not have sought another source of income outside”.

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